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Hi, we are Solange, Bas, Leonie, Mart and Iris and we are the founders of Boardom Saviors. We are a tight group of young entrepreneurs who believe the importance to life is to have FUN!

We have to be honest with you, the original game was made whilst having one of those boring breakdowns during the corona time, which we can all agree on, is better then getting your head shaved.
After 2 days of paper cuts and coloured pens all over our hands, we could finally play the game. We didn't only play the game once, it filled up all our nights for about 2 weeks in a row. We took it to different friend groups, who told us that they were jealous because they loved it so much, and we for sure needed to bring it the next time to ensure the party was lit again. 
After all those blurry but funny nights, we finally decided to share our game with the world and make our selfmade worn-down board game, into something amazing, that has become ‘WHAT'S POPPIN'

We are very excited to launch our first product, and begin our journey. We look forward to developing more games and making sure you will never be bored. With 'What's Poppin' we hope to bring new creativity to life and help people have a good time, especially in these horrible quarantine times that only bring you boring nights.


To get in contact with the team you can always DM us on Instagram (@boardom.saviors) or you can click on the button below.