Published on 1 July 2020 at 00:00

Conclusion *Hard to keep a drinking game made of paper, dry or clean...*

In the picture you can see the process of the first ever 'What's Poppin' board game. This board is nothing compared to what we've made for you guys! But, we were all inspired from this ugly piece you see on your screen right now.
Every time we tried to play the game, Bas 'accidentally' knocked his glass over half of the game, or a candle falls over, or a hot pizza slice meant for across the table splats right in the middle of the game... but despite all these mishaps, we saved our game every time. Funny, this game has been through a lot and we absolutely love it.
We received feedback from all our friends we've played it with, so we could change the squares that were wiped out (because of Bas’ drinks, candle wax or pizza sauce). The game became better and better every time we played it.


Fun Fact: We’ve never finished and reached the middle, because we always passed out in after round 2.




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