!! SOLD OUT !!

Published on 14 August 2020 at 20:25

?? WHAT?? Yesssss, you reading it right... We have managed to sell all of our boards in 5 weeks...HOW??? 

This couple of weeks have been amazing, stressful but amazing. This was only our first try out but because all the honest feedback and sweet responses we got, we are definitely thinking about working on a 2nd board game. 


We would like to thank everyone that bought a board and played it with their friends because we could't have done this without you guys! The love and support is unreal and that is the only thing we wanted to achieve... 


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Big kisses from us, keep popping those bottles but stay healthy and play safe... only together we will defeat COVID-19 ⚠️


Don't forget us, we will be back... 😈

XOXO Boardom Saviors



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