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'What's Poppin’ is the first epic party drinking game, which you play on a special designed board. While playing you will come across different tasks, dares and questions. Throw the dice, cross your fingers and show how far you are willing to come out of your comfort zone. 

You can play the game with your best friends or with strangers. 'What's Poppin' will break the ice and will garentee for a really fun time. Have fun with 3-8 players but more are always welcome. 

You will find different kind of mini games, some of these you might recognise, others not. Play them with all the players and find out how you will win the game, and make other players drink.

This is the game that you all have been waiting for. No more nights with uncomplete packs of cards or the boredom of playing the same game over and over again. As the founders of 'What's Poppin', we can promise you all ''This is a game you will talk about, days after you have played it''.  


The board is 50 x 50cm and water resistant. This way, nobody has to worry for spilled drinks over the board, because it is easy to clean. The board is unfoldable so we provide every board with a hanger, this way you can put it on the wall as decoration.


The package you will receive includes:
- The ‘what’s Poppin’ board
- 1 dice
- 8 pawns
- The bible for the game. 

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